This workshop is for individuals who want to learn the blind biggest blind spot that leads to couples fighting, discover the science of what happens in the brain that leads to harmful communication, learn how to disrupt and shift the pattern of fighting, discover your default personality when you are in a highly emotional state and how to reset yourself, and so much more!

Communication series

The Unshakeable Marriage Communication Workshop is for individuals who want to create improve their communication with their spouse so they can create a more loving and connected marriage. Here, we will learn the blind spots that have been keeping you from effectively communicating with your spouse, discover the words that are toxic and what to replace them with, discover your personality style and how it is affecting your communication, and learn how to identify your spouse’s personality style and how to communicate so they can hear what you are saying.

Be Unshakeable

The Be Unshakeable Group Coaching Program is designed for individuals who have the knowledge and there is still a gap between applying it and living it. This program teaches you how to build an unshakeable emotional immune system so you can live your life in a loving and abundant state and lead your family to do the same.

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