This workshop is for individuals who want to improve their communication so they can create more loving and connected relationships.


4 Day Live Event!

January 18-21, 2022

12:00-1:30 PM EST

Get exclusive coaching and insight that I only share with my private clients!

At this Workshop, you will…

Learn the blind spots that keep you from effectively communicating with your spouse.

Discover the everyday words that are toxic and what to replace them with.

Find out your "Default Animal" communication style.

Learn how to bring yourself back to a peaceful state when triggered.


Have worksheets to support you through your journey.

Our Mission

Jen & Willy are the Co-Founders of “The Unshakeable Family.” Recently they have partnered with their 22-year-old twins, Zac and Zoe, to rebrand and launch “The Unshakeable Marriage” to support their client’s needs.

As a family, they feel as it is an honor to have helped countless marriages and families thrive. They believe that a happy household creates less stress, more love, abundance, and joy! Jen & Willy met in the NAVY and took their hard-learned lessons and leadership training to create “The Unshakeable Family” Community.  Their mission is to help other relationships thrive physically, emotionally, and financially.

We share the mindset, habits, and communication that is essential to create the thriving family relationships you have always wanted!

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